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1 Ibeneme Sabinus Ikechukwu, Ibe Kalu Kalu, Eluwa Ndidiamaka Nchedo, Chinyem Felix Iwebunor, Nwankwo Stephen, Bulus Joseph Azi, Echendu Obi Kingsley . Electrical Resistivity and River Flow Velocity Studies of Ebonyi River Bridge Sites at Onicha-Oshiri and Idembia Areas, Southeastern Nigeria, Journal of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering 2017; 2(2): 59-65 Download
2  Inyang Godwin Edet, Opara Alexander Ifeanyichukwu, Ibechu Bridget Odochi, Nwachukwu Helen Gloria, Eluwa Ndidiamaka, Amadi Chinyere Caroline, Emberga Theophilus Terhemba and Eke Daberechi Richmond. Geophysical Appraisal of the Aquifer Geomaterials of Ugep and Environs, Southeastern, Nigeria Using Resistivity Data. Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International 9(2): 1-24, 2017; Article no. JGEESI. Download
3 Ndidiamaka Nchedo Eluwa, Terhemba Theophilus Emberga, Alexander Selemo, John Chibuzor Eluwa and George-Best Azuoko Hydrogeophysical Investigation of Groundwater Potential in Akamkpa Area Cross River State Southern, Nigeria using Refraction Seismic and GPR Method. Download
4 Daniyan S. Y., Abalaka M. E., Aransiola S. A., Elemba O. M  Antimicrobial Activity of Cassia occidentalis Seed Extract. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research & Clinical Practice, July-Sept 2011; 1(3):1-6 Download
5 Daniyan S. Y., Abalaka M. E., Elemba O. M. and Aransiola S. A. In Vitro AntiMicrobial Activity And Phytochemical Screening of Jatropha Curcas Seed Extract. International Research Journal of Pharmacy – IRJP. Article Received on: 18/05/11 Revised on: 29/06/11 Approved for publication: 17/07/11. Download
6 ELEMBA O. M., IJAH, UDEME JOSHUA JOSIAH, CHIBUNNA, MIRACLE  Isolation, Characterization And Meor Ability Of The Biosurfactant Produced From Serratia Marcescens UEO15. Global Journal of Advanced Research Vol-2, Issue-6 PP. 962-974 ISSN 2394-5788, 3 0 J u n e 2 0 1 5. Download
7 Munachimso Odenakachi Elemba and Udeme Joshua Josiah Ijah. Removal of Lead and Chromium from Soil Using Biosurfactants Produced by Bacterial Isolates from Spent Lubricating Oil Contaminated Soil. International Journal of Advanced Research (2016), Volume 4, Issue 5, 201-211. Download
8 Daniyan S. Y., Abalaka M. E., Aransiola S. A., Elemba O. M. Phytochemical Screening Proximate Analysis and Mineral Composition of Cassia Occidentalis Seed Extraction. Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Health Services. Download
9 O. C. OAsogwa and C. G. Udomboso  Modeling Student’s Academic Performance Using Artifial Neural Network. FUNAI Journal of Science and Technology, 2 (1), 2016, 104-114  


10 Christain E Mbah,Moses N Alo, Uchenna I.Ugah, Jacob O. Owolabi, Oluwatosin O Oluwatosin, Stephen Onuoha and Samuel Okoro ASSESSMENT OF MICROBIOLOGICAL QUALITY OF SURFACE AND UNDERGROUND WATER IN FEDERAL UNIVERSITY, NDUFU-ALIKE, IKWO. FUNAI Journal of Science & Technology 2(1),2016,1-9 Download
11 A.S Omoha and O.P.Aghamelu Foundation Properties and Stability of Some Bridge Construction Sites in Southeastern Nigeria: Results From Preliminary Geophysical Investigation.FUNAI Journal of Science & Technology2(1), 2016,46-60 Download