1 Dr. Friday Nwalo BIO  151 –  DNA- Analysis, Structure, Type And Function Download
2 Dr. Friday Nwalo BIO 210   – Genetic Code Download
3 Ude Deborah BTG 205 – Definition and Scope Of  Biotechnology I Download
4 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 205 – Introductory Biotechnology In Bioterrorism, Biological Warfare Download
5 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 303 – Molecular Biology I &  II Recombinant DNA Technology Download
6 Ude Deborah BTG 307 – Food Biotechnology Download
7 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 307 – Food Biotechnology I – Definition and Scope of Food Biotechnology By Download
8 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 315 – Introduction To Research Methodology – What Is Research Download
9 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 315 Research Methodology – Basic Steps of a Resaerch Project Download
10 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 403 – Recombinant DNA Technology Download
11 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 404 – Recombinant DNA Technology – Genetic Engineering Download
12 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 421 – International Property Right and Bioethics Download
13 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 424 – Food Biotechnology II – Biosafety Issues in Modern Biotechnology Download
14 Dr. Friday Nwalo BTG 461 – Bioresources Management II – Plant Breeding Download
15 Okechukwu Emmanuel Ogueji BIO 102 II – Vertebrates-Vertebrata (Fishes) Download
16 Okechukwu Emmanuel Ogueji Biological Molecules for Foundation Download
17 Okechukwu Emmanuel Ogueji Fish Habitat Zones & Adaptation Download
18 Okechukwu Emmanuel Ogueji Mariculture Download
19 Okechukwu Emmanuel Ogueji Marine Mammals and Their Adaptations Download
20 Okechukwu Emmanuel Ogueji Molecular Biology II Download
21 Ogah Ekechi Ogah DC Network Theory Download
22 Mrs. Ndidiamaka Eluwa GPH 471 General Overview of the Theory and Principles of Resistivity Download
23 Ololo Kennedy Okechukwu SOC 314 – Sociology Of Occupations And Professions Download
24 Ololo Kennedy Okechukwu SOC 317 – Sociology Of Religion Download
25 Elemba, O. M. Analytical Microbiology Quality Control in Microbiological Laboratory Download
26 Elemba O. M. BTG 303: Molecular Biology II Download
27 Elemba, O. M. BTG 404: Industrial Biotechnology Culture Techniques and Reservation Download
28 Elemba, O. M. BTG 405: Nucleotide Sequence Analysis: Nucleotide sequences assembly Gene location and Identification Protein sequence analysis and structure prediction Download
29 Elemba, O. M. BTG 424: Food Biotechnology II Download
30 Elemba, O. M. GST 106: History and Philosophy of Science Download
31 Elemba, O. M. MCB 202: Microbiological and Chemical Examination of Water Download
32 Elemba, O. M. MCB 407: Microbial Genetics Download
33 Elemba, O. M. MCB 202: General Microbiology Download
34 Elemba, O. M. MCB 415: Microbial Biotechnology Download
35 Elemba, O. M. BIO 201: Genetics I Download
37 BTG 206 Biotechnology For Sustainable Development and Its Future Role in Human Welfare Download
38 BTG 408 Biotechnology of Animal Reproduction Download
39 Prof. Olufemi Adeyeye, Mr. Cassius Ayam Ogar BUS 101: Introduction To Business Management Download
40 Prof. Adeyeye, Mr. Cassius Ogar and Mrs. Udeze I. BUS 102: Introduction To Business II Lecture Notes Download
41 Prof. Adeyeye, Mr. Cassius Ogar and Mrs Udeze BUS 102: Introduction To Business II Lecture Notes Download
42 Prof. Olufemi Adeyeye, Mr. Cassius Ayam Ogar Human Resource Management – HRM Lecture Manual Download
43 Mr. Cassius Ayam Ogar BUS 409 – Introduction To Industrial Relations II Download
44 Michael Enyoghasim Eco 307 – History of Economic Thought I Download
45 Michael Enyoghasim Eco 213 – Labour Economics Download
46 Prof. B. E. B. Nwoke BIO 309-Lecture Note On Some Aspects Of Nematology Download
47 Dr. Vivian Chizoma Njemanze SOC 312- Enviromental Sociology Download
48 Dr. Vivian Chizoma Njemanze SOC 417 Industrial Sociology Download
49 Dr. Vivian Chizoma Njemanze SOC 419  Child Development Download